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Maiden Voyage is a specialised importer and wholesaler of genuine Eelskin products which are distributed throughout Australia. These high quality products are designed by Maiden Voyage Australia, made in South Korea.

Our products are reasonably priced and we are constantly developing new ranges by monitoring customer demands and market trends.
Eelskin products appeal to all ages; the colour and the soft feel of the products make them especially popular.

Eel skin is amazingly durable, being 150% stronger than cow hide of the same thickness, makes it a long lasting material for everyday use.
We often have customers saying they have been using an Eel skin wallet or purse for over 20 years and how soft the skin becomes over the years, this proving the durability of the skin.
Initially people were baffled as most had not heard of eel skin before. A lot of customers once finding out the product was made from eel skin would immediately pick an item up to smell it!

Generally these days, those have not heard of eel skin seem surprised at first and then once they actually feel one of the bags or purses they fall in love with it!
We are so pleased to open this webshop, because we have been asked for this from the public for many years. We will take this opportunity to give many customers lots of happiness and good services with our great products.

Flip it over to the eelskin when you want to brighten things up.